Nessled in Between Williams Lake and Wells is the town of Quesnel. While Quesnel has a thriving XC scene, its freeride trails on Dragon Mountain are some of the Cariboo Regions hidden gems. Steep, rocky, big stunts and fast are what you’ll find in this ecologically unique mountain area just south of town.

But DH and steep is not all you’ll find here. A triving XC scene and the heart of the Cariboo roadbike scene make Quesnel one of the more well rounded destinations on your Cariboo tour.


When You’re Not Riding

Quesnel is a hot bed of road biking, kayaking and other outdoor pursuits – The Bowron Lakes is among the favorites.

To the west of Quesnel lies a vast expanse of pristine wilderness. The area’s provincial parks are renowned for extensive hiking trails, wilderness camping and wildlife viewing. Well-stocked lakes offer great fishing opportunities. Explore the great outdoors in Quesnel or head to the First Nations’ community of Nazko (“river flowing from the south”), or east toward Wells, Barkerville, and Bowron Chain of Lakes.

 The Quesnel Bike Club

The Gold Rush Cycling Club

The local bike club in Quesnel is The Gold Rush Cycling Club, if you live and ride in Quesnel, consider becoming involved in the mountain biking community by becoming a member.


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