100 Mile House

Welcome to your doorway in the Cariboo-Chilcotin. Exciting things are happening in the region. The local MTB club, Huncity, is back after a hiatus with a new executive and vision.

The club is super pumped to offer two new machine built trails by First Journey and Jimco in the 99 Mile Forest area on the South Entrance to town. View on Trailforks

There is a more established area at 108 Mile Ranch. Mountain biking in 100 Mile House is perfect for families and intermediate XC riders looking to get their feet wet with some Cariboo riding before moving on the Williams Lake and Wells. There is also plenty of cow trails and dirt roads to help you get the groms out on the trails.

Winding single-track through Douglas Fir forests and grasslands are the name of the game in 100 Mile House. Stay at the 108 Resort or Days Inn full treatment with options of golf, spas, hiking and horse-back riding. The 100 Mile area offers the full Cariboo experience.

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 Getting to 100 Mile House

From Seattle or Vancouver you’ll be taking a nice drive up the Thompson River on highway 1 then 97 to the Cariboo. Its about a 5.5 hour drive once you get to Vancouver. You can also access the Cariboo by any means through Kamloops, BC.

 When You’re Not Riding


There are over 200 lakes within 50Km of the 100 Mile House area, many of them offering excellent paddling and canoeing opportunities. There are also ample fishing holes in these areas, so if you wan to shake up your trip and get into some water sports, 100 Mile is a must stop on your Cariboo road trip.

The 108 Mile resort also offer horse-back riding and golfing if there are those amongst you that want to take a day off riding. Check in with the Gear Garage when you roll into town and Dwayne will give you all the beta you need for your 100 Mile stop.

 The 100 Mile House Bike Club

The Hun City Mountain Bike Club


The local bike club in 100 Mile House is The HunCity Mountain Bike Club, if you live and ride in and around 100 Mile House, consider becoming involved in the mountain biking community by becoming a member. You can also show some love to the club if you are visiting by donating either on their website or on Trailforks.

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