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Williams Lake ‘Bikes & Beer’ Scene

Beer and biking go together like birds on a feather and that is especially true for the Puddle. Dave’s brewery, named after Williams Lake’s most popular trail network, Fox Mountain, will not disappoint. An ideal way to combine craft beer and mountain biking is a visit to Fox Mountain Brewing Co at 215 Donald Road, Williams Read the full article…

Status Update – Wonderland Network, Quesnel

The 2021 riding season is on in Quesnel. The following trails within the network are open and good to go. For additional, last-minute info, check out Trailforks. 🟢 What the Huck (climbing trail)🟢 Wonderland🟢 Mosster🟢 Sluice Box🟢 Woodburry’s Way🟢 Angry Beaver🟢 Mucho Oro

T’exelc Community Trail Project

Ride The Cariboo

The Williams Lake First Nations has big plans for future trail construction. Scheduled for 2021, sees the construction of a 1,750m multi-use hiking/biking trail. This machine build, single track trail is suitable for all types of bicycles and also allows for winter snowshoe access. The trail will be constructed as a “Green/Beginner” trail, with dirt features that Read the full article…

Fox Mountain Signage Project

Tom Schoen

The Williams Lake Cycling Club in partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails (Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development) is undertaking a comprehensive sign infrastructure upgrade project. New trail markers and trail confirmation signs will be installed on all Fox Mountain Network signs. Work will continue throughout the summer, so expect trail Read the full article…

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Fresh snow up through proserpine full loop is now been track packed to the main ground hog trail #ridewells #ridethecariboo #membersmatter #bcsf #smoothtrailsmatter ...

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Peepo rides a Caribou #caribou #rides #ridethecariboo #caribbean #ridethecaribou #peepo #pepememes #pepelibrary #caribousnow #cariboucat #pepe #apumemes #apu ...

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Safety Sunday food for thought this is a sample of some of the gear most riders carry some riders carry more some riders carry much less

Get the Training- What good is having the avy gear if you don’t know how to use it? Take at least an AST level 1 class and practice often with your equipment to be efficient and effective. Implement transceiver checks before leaving the staging area for the day. Before you leave staging do a simple transceiver check to ensure everyone has their transceivers turned on and they are functioning properly.

Photocredit mountain_momm
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Killer day two with the old Boys club. Loving the new ejackshreds knife!
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