Dirt Bag Itinerary

A package that includes camping, cheap food and big free riding.


When you come to Wells, Barkerville and the Bowron Lake area and are planing on camping and cooking your own meals, be prepared. Keep in mind there are no grocery stores in the area and stock up on food and beer in Quesnel. Check in at one of the Barkerville campgrounds for the best location to hit the trails. Forest Rose campground is the starting point of the Valley Mountain Trail and you can connect to a multitude of trails from there.


Start your day in Barkerville by getting a cup of coffee at McMahon's Confectionery and a loaf of fresh, delicious sourdough bread at the bakery. Stock up on baked goodies for your ride ahead. Start you XC ride through history at the Government Hill campsite and follow the Goldfields Ditch trail to Stouts Gulch. You'll be riding along man-made mining ditches through dense forest to some active gold-mining sites.

End your riding day by spoiling yourself with a great meal at the BearsPaw Cafe in Wells, BC or hit the local pub and get to know the local riders.


Enough XC? Today is the day.... you'll be hitting all the fun stuff. DH, FR and gnarly mountain trails. (more details coming soon...)