T’exelc Community Trail Project

Ride The Cariboo

The Williams Lake First Nations has big plans for future trail construction. Scheduled for 2021, sees the construction of a 1,750m multi-use hiking/biking trail. This machine build, single track trail is suitable for all types of bicycles and also allows for winter snowshoe access. The trail will be constructed as a “Green/Beginner” trail, with dirt features that make it fun for advanced mountain bikers. The trail is a bi-directional trail starting at the Chief Will Yum campground. The trail is intended to provide bi-directional access to the community, the Chief Will Yum Gas Bar and the campground and Band Office. It will also serve as a “catch” trail, or return-trail, for future downhill oriented mountain bike trails.

James Doerfling from Jimco Contracting is the lead builder with help from the First Journey Trails crew.
Multi-Use as shown in the 2021 Trail Masterplan

Ride The Cariboo

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