Desous Network Development Update

Desous Mountain is a 0.5 hour drive west of the City and is home to some truly amazing free riding. Decents of 3500ft from the top of Desous Mountain all the way to the Fraser River make this home to some of the biggest lines this side of Golden. This area is intended for advanced riders, as there is no real easy way down. If you’re looking for big lines, this is where it’s at.

In the Summer of 2017, a new climbing line as added to the Desous trails: Shiney Badger. This trail was funded by NDIT, and CBAC and created by First Journey Trails with the help from the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium. It was built as a bi-directional trail that would access the “backside” of Desous mountain and allow the first ever climb from the Fraser river up to the Spring House side of the mountain. The climb is rated black only due to a few terrain pinch points that force the trail to gain a significant amount of elevation in a short distance within the first half of the climb. Save for these few steep, rocky sections, this climb would be considered to be a blue climb as well as descent.

Check out the Desous network trails on Trailforks for more info.

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