Thomas Schoen

Hello Cariboo Bikers,

I would like to extend an invitation to 100in1Day Williams Lake on Saturday June 2nd. 100in1Day celebrates 100 positive actions in 1 day across Canada.

The community has been great in developing positive actions, and a few events of special interest to you may include a native flower bed installation at the Potato House (10am-noon) and a community festival and bike wash at the River Valley Trail (1-4pm)! The community festival will be kid friendly, with opportunities to decorate and plant their own basket, so feel free to bring any little ones along with you! Swing by the festival and we will wash your bike up to sparkle to encourage all recreationalists to Play Clean Go to stop the spread of invasive species!

You can see the details for each event at 100in1Day.ca!

The Facebook Event Page is a good way to see the most up to date events that are registered for the festival!

Thank you,

Thomas Schoen

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