JC on the final pitch of Snakes and Ladders.

Jimmys Fox

The original line on Fox Mountain built by the legend himself. This XC epic will tour you through the majority of the Fox network, through gullies, along ridge crests and open forests. You'll catch some amazing views of Williams Lake and the valley on this trail, which takes some folks and hour, others 4 hours. either way its going to be a good ride. Start the climb off Broadway Road at Big O Tires. Just past Big O turn right onto Hubble Road to the top of the street (you'll dog leg onto Pearkes for a second) and when you get to the top keep right into the open field and pedal to the power line. Once on the power line track turn left and go through the first big gully and you'll see the trailhead. The climb is simply sublime. The first trail crossing you'll see is Fox Rocks which you can take to get to the Kiosk at the end of Mason Road to get yourself oriented for the ride.

Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

The trails are managed by the Williams Lake Cycling Club.

Please act with responsibility and consideration for the land and for the generosity of the people who make these trails available. Please stay on designated trails and obey access restrictions.

Sometimes there will be a "No Trespassing" sign and sometimes there will be a fence. Sometimes there isn't any notification at all. Without a fence or sign, you could reasonably use the excuse "I didn't know." But an angry landowner may not accept your excuse.

You are using the trails entirely at your own risk and are assuming full responsibility for your own safety.

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Cross Country



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