Volunteers Needed – BC Enduro Series

Ted Morton

The BC Enduro Series is returning to Williams Lake on May 21st, thanks to the amazing support from Red Shreds, Puddle Bike Club and the Consortium.
The BCES is so grateful to be invited back and we’re hoping that a few locals would be interesting in helping to promote the trails and Williams Lake by volunteering as COURSE MARSHALS or FIRST AID ATTENDANTS at the event. It’s always the best to have local volunteers as riders love to learn about the area and nobody knows the trails better than locals!

Positioned at top and bottom of race stages – really laid back and really straightforward – no whistles or complex tasks, just beer and bikes!
Expect approx. 6hrs outside

Should have WFR or WFA at minimum
Provide own first aid kit – just let us know what you use and we’ll restock

Event t-shirt
Apres food and beer
Coupon Code for another race – great for parents/spouses/friends of racers!
Show off Williams Lake

EMAIL – admin@bcenduro.com
You will receive emails on – Mon, Wed, Fri leading up to the event to keep you in the loop!

Thanks for the support and for supporting!

Ted Morton

Ted Morton

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    1. Great! Thanks! Please email Ted at

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